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We bring new life to your SEM and FIB systems with products which extend and enhance system performance.

From upgrades such as our high-current HyperFIB system to high quality, affordable consumables and refurbished spare parts, we keep your legacy FIB, SEM and dual column FIB-SEM operating at optimum performance and on budget.

Our micromachining services utilize our unique HyperFIB systems. With up to 7uA of beam current this tool is perfect for preparing cross-sections of advanced semiconductor devices and packages including TSVs, BGAs and stacked die.

Need to delayer all or a portion of a semiconductor device?  We offer the unmatched ability to analyze device structures and layout by cleanly removing layers with multiple materials, and provide high resolution images of your device.


Bump bond cross-sectioned with the JHT HyperFIB tool Stacked die cross-sectioned with the JHT HyperFIB tool Large area device delayering with the JHT HyperFIB tool